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How to Find Past Records of Content Generated by Content AI

March 24, 20231 min read

Content AI provides users to check the generated content along with variations. We understand each penny matters. Thus we have provided a log of the generated content. Users can check the previous logs of generated content and use them whenever required. 

Covered in this Article:

How to access previous records of generated Content AI?

What is the benefit of having a log of previously generated Content AI?

How to access previous records of generated Content AI?

Once the content is generated, it will get registered on the content AI details page. Go to Automations > Content AI to view all the posts generated with AI assistance. 

Content AI

You can then copy any of the variations that you generated.

Content AI

What is the benefit of having a log of previously generated Content AI?

Having access to a log of generated content can be very helpful for businesses to keep track of their content creation and ensure consistency across their brand messaging. Accessing previous logs of generated content can also save time for businesses, as they can reuse content that has already been generated and make any necessary tweaks or adjustments as needed.

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